Brother UK — The Last Typewriter

Brother UK wanted to create a campaign to celebrate the production of its final typewriter, which was history in the making â €” or unmaking â €” for the communications and technology brand. We shared their story with consumers, partners and internal audiences with the response itself proving momentous.

The challenge

Brother UK had produced 5.9 million typewriters since 1985. However, with computer technology now mainstream in the workplace, the humble typewriter had reached the end of the line and the small quantities in demand were no longer commercially viable for the company.

The challenge for Brother was to share this story with its customers in a positive way, and position the move as a notable end to key piece of technological history.

The results

178 pieces of coverage, reaching over 60 million people in the UK and internationally

Secured a BBC exclusive with national and regional TV and radio news bulletins

Most watched video on the BBC News website

Lead story on homepage

Secured blanket coverage across national press including The Sun, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Daily Mail.

Most popular post on BBC Breakfast Facebook page

Twitter engagement soared, with tweets and shares from high profile influencers including Alan Sugar, BBC presenter Colin Paterson, and the Science Museum.

The work

Developed a positive story â €” a historical moment around the last electronic typewriter being produced in the UK

Positioned the story as a topic of national and historical importance â €” earning it a place in the Science Museum, London

Leveraged our relationship with the BBC Breakfast to secure an exclusive and increase brand exposure ahead of new technology launches in 2013

Created an integrated campaign with high quality written and visual content across national and media outlets as well as social media platforms.

Brother UK â €” The last typewriter campaign. Workers in factory and infographic
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