Seafish — Sea You Home Safe

Our client wanted to challenge commercial fishermen across the UK to think about the importance of safety at sea and promote the use of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) to prevent them getting lost at sea. We met a challenging brief with a compelling creative solution that has changed behaviours, achieved results and won industry awards.

The challenge

Commercial fishing is the UK’s most dangerous peacetime profession. Sadly, some fishermen who go to sea never return. But the fact is, without a body, families cannot have a funeral, claim life insurance, or settle a will for seven years.

Our challenge was to raise awareness of this loss for families and empower fishermen to prevent it by wearing a lifejacket â €” or PFD â €” as part of the ongoing ‘sea you home safe’ campaign which advocates safety at sea.

The results

  • 600% increase in website views
  • 100+ pieces of coverage
  • 2,150 Facebook likes
  • 600% increase in unique website views in the first month.
  • Almost 600 fishermen have applied for free PFDs via the SYHS website.
  • More than 100 national and regional pieces of media coverage secured including broadcast opportunities with BBC TV presenter Monty Hall.
  • 98% of coverage positioned Seafish as the authority on safety at sea.
  • 2,150 Facebook likes and 154 #seayouhomesafe posts on Twitter.

The work

  • Media sell-in secured broadcast opportunities in the build up to the launch.
  • An offer for fishermen to claim a FREE PFD on the Seafish website.
  • Case studies supported the emotional impact of losing loved ones at sea.
  • Social media buzz spread the message and offer far and wide.
  • An infographic supported the message with some hard-hitting facts.
  • Direct marketing coffee mugs put the message directly into the hands of fisherman at 14 Fishermen’s Mission cafes across Scotland.
Seafish â €” sea you home safe campaign. Social media graphics, infographic and branded mug
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