Swinton — driving abroad guides

Insurance broker Swinton wanted to help its customers get the most out of driving abroad by providing them with all the information they need for a safe and smooth trip.

We took this idea and built it into an accessible, attractive and engaging campaign, designed to reach customers across a number of channels.

The challenge

One of the principles at the heart of the Swinton brand is to always provide useful information to its customers â €” not just on matters relating directly to insurance, but also on the wide range of moments in life when insurance might be needed. Driving abroad is one such moment.

Swinton carried out extensive research to find out what their customers were looking for on the topic of driving abroad, through social listening, analysing previous campaigns, market insight, and engaging with the product and customer assistance teams.

Our brief was to present this information to customers in the most engaging way possible, both to ensure Swinton customers have all the information they need at their fingertips and also to raise the brand’s profile with both existing and potential customers.

The work

  • Designed a series of easy-to-digest downloadable driving guides for UK drivers in different countries overseas, based on in-depth research
  • Produced animated video on driving in France, in-house, to further increase engagement on social media
  • Created and pushed out content via online, direct email, print and social media channels, collaborating with Swinton’s internal teams and partner agencies in order to reach the maximum number of existing and potential customers
  • Conducted research among 1,500 people who have driven abroad to reveal the realities of driving abroad with a family and used the findings to drive editorial placement
  • The results

    • 151,594 users reached through social media
    • 1,087 views of animated video
    • Research-based editorial placed in national media titles
    • 1,336 downloads of driving guides
    • 37,288 visitors to Driving Abroad ‘hub’
    Swinton driving abroad content hub, infographic and pocket guide
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